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how deep can a 30mm caliber penetrate a tank armour

how deep can a 30mm caliber penetrate a tank armour

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·The grenades warhead was a shaped charge,containing 3.5 oz (100 g) in the 40mm and 1.8 oz (50 g) in the 30mm.The 40mm could penetrate up to 50mm more than enough to go through the side of a Sherman and the 30mm could penetrate 30mm. results for this questionWhat was the armor penetration of German guns?What was the armor penetration of German guns?The tables below give the armor penetration figures of the most common German guns used during the Second World War.Listed is also some of the guns captured from other countries and used by the German armed forces.Some of these guns saw limited use.Armor Penetration Table - Panzerworld results for this questionWhat was the maximum thickness of the armor?What was the maximum thickness of the armor?Maximum armor thickness was 90 mm (3.54 in),although armor on the side of the hull was only 38mm (1.5 in).* *It is important to highlight this as this is the area that saw the heaviest application of appliqué.Improvised Armor on M4 Shermans in the PTO - Tanks Encylopedia

results for this questionWhich is the best model of armor penetration?Which is the best model of armor penetration?The tables also provide information on the penetration of horizontal homogenous armor,which is subject to a higher degree of uncertainty.No system currently exists for quantifying the effects of differing shell forms for specific predictions.Nathan Okun's M79APCLC program presents the best model available.World War II Naval Gun Armor Penetration Tables - NavWeaps(PDF) Penetration of Metallic Plates by Kinetic Energy

In order to make a simplification we can conclude penetration mechanics in two .parts. and 30 mm spaced target. ballistic limit of 500 HB armor steel was determined against 7.62 mm 54R 25mm Tungsten APFSDS-T Armor Piercing Fin StabilizedThe long rod tungsten penetrator,of this highly effective anti-armor round,has excellent penetration characteristics with minimal dispersion.Designed to counter the growth in threat targets,the 25mm Tungsten APFSDS-T cartridge offers a replacement to the standard Bushmaster M791 APDS-T cartridge.

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Apr 10,2021·Penetration data of German tank and anti-tank guns of the Second World War. The tables below give the armor penetration figures of the most common German guns used during the Second World War. 60° 30 mm 45° 16 mm 90° 30 mm 60° 20 mm 45° 15 mm Author Eric HungEstimated Reading Time 1 minPeople also askHow much armor can a 5 gun penetrate?How much armor can a 5 gun penetrate?Thus a typical 5 gun firing a nose-fuzed projectile would penetrate 1.0 of homogeneous armor or 1.5 of face-hardened armor throughout its range,with most of the penetration from the explosive force of the burster rather than kinetic energy.We have two men to thank for these tables.World War II Naval Gun Armor Penetration Tables - NavWeapsBritish 25 pounder vs.105mmJan 19,2017Could historical plate armor stop a 9mm bullet? What kind,if any?Aug 27,2016Modern USA ISOT to 25 million BCKatana vs.Medieval ArmorApr 13,2008See more resultsWhy would the military use tanks in a zombie apocalypse Feb 25,2021·One can't break a window,or swarm a tank as easily,and a swarmed tank can button up and wait for assistance.I'd prefer a smaller AFV or IFV to a MBT - but generally you have a vehicle that's designed for rough/unimproved terrain,against an enemy who cannot effectively use anti tank weaponry or penetrate even the weakest of tank armours.

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May 30,2016·A later tank like the t-64/t-72 actually has less armor on the side,around 60 mm,mostly because they needed to concentrate more armor front while trying to keep the overall weight down.Still,that should be enough thickness to be very resistant toExplore furtherWWII Gun vrs Armour CalculatorwwiiequipmentWW II Ballistics Tank Gun Penetration - Germanypanzer-warPenetration Tank Ammunition WW2 Weaponsww2-weaponsBBC - WW2 People's War - Armour Piercing Discarding Sabotbbc.ukRecommended to you based on what's popular Feedback30-06 M2 AP Armor Piercing Penetration Tests - Pew Pew Jun 25,2020·(9.3 may be an exception) A 150-170 gr AP .30 cal just is woefully short on energy.You see the light bullets (150-200 gr bullets are light bullets) just can't keep up when it comes to delivering stored energy.Thank 250 grain at least,when it comes to delivering energy onto a target.Secondly,deep straight penetration is very important.GAU-8 Avenger Military Wiki FandomHistoryDesignVariantsSpecificationsSee AlsoExternal LinksThe GAU-8 was created as a parallel program with the A-X (or Attack Experimental) competition that produced the A-10.The specification for the cannon was laid out in 1970,with General Electric and Philco-Ford offering competing designs.Both of the A-X prototypes,the YA-10 and the Northrop YA-9,were designed to incorporate the weapon,although it was not available during the initial competition,and the M61 Vulcan was useSee more on military.wikiaLeopard-2A0-A4 armor protection estimationFor that reason frontal armor was completely changed in KWS program,and now left and right armor is the same in armor thickness (~860mm).Gun mantled mask in Leopard-2 is 93cm width what is comparable whit soviet tanks mostly cast gun mounted points and coaxial MG areas this area in soviet tank is circa 83-86cm width.

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MAIN MENU.PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.Armaments.Aircraft Guns and Gun Systems 20mm,25mm and 30mm Gun Systems; Aircraft Platform Systems UH-1 Plank Modular Helicopter Weapon System / Universal Ammunition Loading System (UALS); Gun Barrels Gun barrels for U.S.fighter aircraft including the A-10,F-14,F-15,F-16,F/A-18 and F/A-22; Individual and Crew Served WeaponsModern Russian Armor Archives - Tank EncyclopediaMay 24,2021·The BMPTs second primary armament is the 130mm 9M120 Ataka-T anti-tank missile (industrial code is B07S1),with claims from the manufacturer that it can penetrate 800 mm (27) of homogeneous armor with ERA with its HEAT ammunition (good enough for the side or rear of any modern tank).Never Bring a Stryker to a Tank Fight - Modern War InstituteMay 02,2017·Any armchair Patton will tell you that its not a good idea to use a Stryker formation against a tank formation.But in a recent article for the Modern War Institute,Capt.Andrew Gregory argues that adding a 30-millimeter cannon to the Stryker would make it a more lethal weapon systeman upgrade he says is made necessary by changes in the contemporary operating environment.

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PP.Partial Penetration - The forward half of the shell penetrates the armor while the rear half is rejected; or,for hits over 45° obliquity,the nose and upper body are rejected while the broken lower body penetrates - only if the shell breaks,of course,but most will at such a high obliquity below the Naval Limit.Related searches for how deep can a 30mm caliber penetra20mm armor penetration30mm apfsds t30mm ballisticstank armor penetrationww2 german 30mm aircraft cannons30x173mm ammunition50 bmg armor piercing roundsxm1170Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345NextRelative Armor Calculator - PanzerworldNov 28,2020·You can use the form below to calculate the relative armor thickness of a sloped armor plate.You can specify two angles.If you specify only one,leaving the other at 90,the direct relative armor thickness will be calculated.If two angles are specified,a compound angle will be calculated.

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Apr 12,2017·On a secondary side note.Spall.In tanks the more deadly problem faced was spall,the fragments of material that burst from the armor and flying around inside the tank.The round did not even need to penetrate to push spall off the inner walls and create razor shards flying around.This is the principal of heat rounds,shaped charges,RPGs.Rheinmetall Defence - Medium Calibre AmmunitionThe insensitive PELE is a cost effective ammunition technology that is very safe to store,transport and handle; it can also be used for training purposes.The PELE round is available in the calibres 20 mm x 102,25 mm x 137,27 mm x 145 and 30 mm x 173.Russia And Its Redesigned Armoured VehiclesJan 26,2017·The 2A42,a 30mm-cal.automatic cannon,can fire at a rate of 550800 shots/minute.The mass of a shell is 300400 g.The Armata T-15,Kurganets-25 and Boomerang each have 500 30mm.-cal.projectiles.As with the Armata T-14 tank,the T-15 IFV is protected by four types of armor.

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DescriptionCalibersFeaturesBackgroundDataThe Sabot Light Armor Penetrator with Tracer (SLAP-T),M962 cartridge consists of a tungsten alloy penetrator of the same mass as the Saboted Light Armor Penetrator (SLAP),M903 is sabot launched at a much higher velocity than standard rounds.The sabot,which is designed to break up at the muzzle to release the penetrator,must also survive the gun environment until launch.It is injection moulded of special high strengtSee more on guns.fandomArmor Levels Which Armor Stops Which Rounds PropperAug 20,2019·Level III polyethylene plates are ultra-lightweight and can stop rifle bullets up to and including 7.62mm/.308 caliber.By adding a ceramic face,polyethylene plates can be certified to Level IV and will stop steel core and tactical rifle rounds up to and including 166-grain .30 caliber M2 armorTank Archives 17-Pounder Britain's Long ArmAug 06,2016·On May 15th,1941,the Ordnance Committee began work on the new anti-tank gun.According to the requirements,the gun had to penetrate 120-150 mm of armour at 730 meters.The 3 inch caliber (76.2 mm) was chosen.This caliber has been in use by a British AA gun developed in 1914,but the 17-pounder had no connection to that gun.Tank Archives Soviet 85 mm Guns vs TigersMar 24,2013·Conclusion the armour piercing shell can penetrate the side of the Tiger tank,82 mm thick,from 1500 meters,and the front,100 mm thick,from

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The first of these is the Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot Tracer (APFSDS-T) that is designed to defeat armoured vehicles such as infantry fighting vehicles and legacy tanks (although thinking that it can defeat modern tanks would be incorrect,and possibly dangerous),able to penetrate 140 mm of RHA (Rolled Homogeneous The Army is Testing a New 50mm Cannon - National InterestApr 12,2019·While equipped with targeting technology for individual targets,the Apache 30mm can often be used as somewhat of an area weapon to blanket anThe Brutal Reason American Tanks Shoot Depleted Uranium Jan 21,2020·Nicknamed the Silver Bullet, the round could penetrate an estimated 570 millimeters at two thousand meters,giving it good penetration against even a T-80 at typical range.